So excited you're here!

Hi, I’m gabbi!

I'm a Southern California based wedding, couple and lifestyle photographer, on mission to help you look and feel your absolute best during our time together! We’ll talk, laugh, drink coffee (or booze), and put on some good music, so you can feel relaxed and forget about my big, fat, camera lens following you around.

Photography has always been my main love language, capturing your most special and intimate moments in a way that you can tangibly hold on to forever is my highest priority. I started my business back in 2016 and my intent has steadily remained the same- to highlight my clients happiness and freeze a moment in time through my work. I'm all about presenting and persevering a feeling that is as unique as you are. As photographers, we can sometimes get lost in different trends and aesthetics that are popular in the present moment- While those trends are fun (and I'm always down to try something new) above all else my goal to make sure that your session is timeless and tailored to you and YOUR present moment.

My Aim is to

Do everything I can to make your experience of working with me



I’m Obsessed With

Instead of a photographer I almost became a

My dog, Luna B.

kindergarten teacher

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite Person is

a spicy margarita or michelada

My husband, Mitchell!

I Started This Business

I’m Addicted to

starbucks cold-brew

at age of 20 in 2016

Some fun facts to know about me